I launched my very first garlic innovation GARLIC ROCKET product on Kickstarter in beginning of 2022. The launch was a success, and my project was funded in less than 24 hours. GARLIC ROCKET will be ready for pre-sale on this website in the end of 2022.

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Inventor Peter of Garlic Rocket

GARLIC ROCKET a sensation for all garlic lovers

  • Contains brand-new technology.

  • Brings your kitchen skills to a new level.

  • A stylish Nordic cooking utensil.

  • The biggest ground-breaking innovation for garlic lovers in more than 100 years.

  • The result of extensive development work, intensive brainstorming and, not least, good, old-fashioned hard work.

  • Using an ordinary garlic press takes strength and involves cleaning the garlic press. GARLIC ROCKET makes both processes as easy as ABC!

No need to peel

GARLIC ROCKET is very easy to use, and with a brand new technology GARLIC ROCKET crushes 1-3 garlic cloves a time with skins on - so you do not have to peel the cloves before crushing!

Just put the garlic cloves with skin in the cylinder chamber and turn - very hygienic and saves time!

GARLIC ROCKET contains brand-new technology. No peeling | No garlic-smelling fingers | Click and turn - No forces needed | No mess | Just fresh crushed garlic

Fresh garlic is a super booster for you

Garlic may increase longevity. Garlic benefits your heart, brain and other organs. It reduces risk factors, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heavy metal toxicity, which means that garlic may help you to live longer. Garlic is a rich source of antioxidants and nutrients, and it boosts your immune system.



Peter Bindner from Denmark is the inventor of biggest ground-breaking innovation for garlic lovers in more than 100 years!

GARLIC ROCKET  featured in Trend Hunter

Garlic Rocket has been featured in Trend Hunter – the world's largest, most popular trend community with 20,000,000 monthly views. GARLIC ROCKET made the maximum score possible: 10 score.

Also  featured in Geeky Gadgets

Geeky Gadgets brings you the latest gadgets and technology news from around the US, UK and around the globe. Geeky Gadgets has more than 150.000 monthly viewers.

Featured in The Takeout

The Takeout – Food is delicious, is a food and pop culture website from the folks who brought you The A.V. Club and The Onion.

"If the Garlic Rocket works, the inventor has surely secured himself a place among the Gods."  ( – The Takeout)

GARLIC ROCKET is for all garlic lovers

My global dream is to give every garlic lover the opportunity to buy a GARLIC ROCKET.

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The biggest ground-breaking garlic innovation in more than 100 years.

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