A whole clove of garlic including the skin I No peeling I Click and turn  | The pins empty the holes | No waste – no garlic left inside the presser | No mess, very easy to clean | Just fresh crushed garlic

Garlic Press 2022 – The inventor of GARLIC ROCKET ONE, Peter Bindner


GARLIC ROCKET is the biggest ground-breaking innovation for garlic lovers in more than 100 years.

Meet Peter Bindner, Inventor of GARLIC ROCKET ONE

The inventor of GARLIC ROCKET ONE, Peter Bindner from Denmark, tells us all about his new invention:

"With my old garlic presses, every time I peeled a clove of garlic, I thought, ‘there must be a better way’, so I spent time developing and refining GARLIC ROCKET ONE, a brand-new garlic presser," says Peter Bindner, the inventor of GARLIC ROCKET ONE.

“My friends call me The Garlic Man! They know if they visit me at my holiday cottage, they have delicious, home-cooked garlic dishes to look forward to. My all-time favorite is bruschetta, made to the original recipe. Another is pasta served with organic chicken, tomatoes, lots of garlic and fresh-baked cornbread – and, not forgetting, guacamole. My friends keep coming back to enjoy all my garlic dishes. I guess you could say that garlic is part of our friendship,” says the inventor of GARLIC ROCKET ONE, Peter Bindner.


"I invented and designed GARLIC ROCKET ONE to make it easier to use more garlic in food every day. I sought to make it faster and easier for home cooks to crush fresh garlic. Using brand-new technology, this sensational kitchen gadget brings home cooks’ garlic-cooking skills to a new level,” says Peter Bindner, the inventor of GARLIC ROCKET ONE.

“Garlic cloves are very well protected. Mother Nature wraps each clove individually in a thin, white, strong papery skin. I spent a lot of time developing sketches and technical drawings and I ran a great many tests until I could make my first prototype and it worked. I cannot explain how happy I was when I tested GARLIC ROCKET ONE for the first time. It worked like a dream.”

"My new invention, GARLIC ROCKET ONE, makes the home cook’s life easier,” says the inventor of GARLIC ROCKET ONE, Peter Bindner, beaming with pure enthusiasm.


“How many kitchen gadgets have you bought over the years that you do not use? How many of your kitchen utensils lie in drawers, gathering dust? I am sure you’ll use GARLIC ROCKET ONE so often that it will never even get to the drawer. The money you spend on GARLIC ROCKET ONE will be your all-time best investment in a kitchen utensil. GARLIC ROCKET ONE - now it's fun to crush garlic,” states Peter Bindner, Inventor of GARLIC ROCKET ONE.

”Adding flavor to the dish: Innovative garlic presser invented”


“...the inventor has surely secured himself a place among the Gods”


There is an explosive increase in the demand for garlic in the United States

“This is just a little bit of information about how popular garlic has become. I am happy to share this with you,” he adds:

“The demand for garlic is currently reaching extreme heights in the US. Compared to last year, there has been up to 70% more demand. Along with citrus, garlic is a product that has benefited from the COVID-19 pandemic. Garlic consumption is booming. The fact that people are cooking more at home and making more of an effort is also playing a role.” Source: Fresh Plaza Publication date: Fri 27 Nov 2020 – US 2020.

"In America alone, more than 300 million pounds of garlic were consumed last year." Source: 1 December 2019 by Craig Wallin.

explosive increase in the demand for garlic in the United States

My global garlic dream

“I have chosen to launch my latest invention “GARLIC ROCKET ONE” on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo as I wish to ensure that it will be a global success that everyone can use – not just us in little Denmark. GARLIC ROCKET ONE is developed and designed in Denmark,” says Peter Bindner.

Best garlic greetings,

Peter Bindner,


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